Madeline Dirado Comes From Behind To Win Her Second Gold

Six hundredths of a second -- that's the bare margin of victory Madeline Dirado had in her upset win at the women's 200-meter backstroke finals.

Madeline, who also goes by the name Maya, had been behind until literally the race's last stroke, when she finally overtook Hungary's Katinka Hosszú, who had been the favorite to win.

After her 0.06 victory, she deserves her own god damn Mayan temple to be built in her honor.

Hands down, this was one of the most exciting races of this year's Olympics. It was clear from her resilience that Madeline was not going to quit, and her incredible finish proves that no race is over until you touch that wall.

The backstroke is always exciting because you never know precisely when you have to make that final outstretch of your arm, but Madeline totally nailed it.

Finishing at 2:055.99, Madeline was able to eke out her exciting victory by diving at the last possible moment.

If you were watching the race, your voice is probably hoarse from all the screaming you did at the TV right up until that photo finish and will continue to be from all the "USA"-chanting you're doing right now.

This is Madeline's second gold medal and her fourth medal overall. Congratulations Madeline! America is super proud of you!

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