Lil B Makes It Clear His Curse On James Harden Will End The Rockets' Season


Few things are realer in sports than the Based God's Curse.

Just ask Kevin Durant.

The OKC Thunder star just hasn't been the same since Oakland rapper Lil B (otherwise known as "Based God") put a hex on him.

Not for nothing, but Kevin Durant did this to himself.

On May 26, 2011 the Based God's Curse was born.

Lil B even challenged KD to a game of one-on-one and dropped this diss track.

lilbpack1 on YouTube

Then, this happened:

It's safe to say sh*t hasn't been so easy for Kevin Durant since being cursed.

He was injured for the entire season, the Thunder didn't make the playoffs and now he seems to be at a crossroad in his career.

Sure, he won MVP, but not at the expense of becoming a meme.

Since then, Lil B has lifted the curse from KD, but it looks like the damage has been done.

But as the NBA postseason goes along, it's time for Lil B to find a new victim. Someone who's disrespecting the Based God.

Considering Lil B is a Warriors fan, why not James Harden?

James Harden has been doing the "cooking" dance a lot recently...

In an interview with Bay Area reporter Marcus Thompson, Lil B said,

A dance that originated from the Based God himself.

James Harden never gave Lil B his credit and that's when things got ugly.

The curse is now national news on ESPN.

Memes like this aren't helping Harden...

Because Lil B will be in the building for Game 5.

Ready to lay down the law if he see's James Harden cooking.

It could all end tomorrow.

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