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The 'LeBron James Kid' From Vine Made The Most Epic Appearance Last Night

It's only right LeBron be introduced this way.

With King James in Sacramento to face the Kings on Wednesday night, the perfect opportunity was presented to Terrance Jackson.

Jackson is otherwise known as the "LeBron James Kid," for obvious reasons.

With over 52 million views to his name with that one Vine -- never mind all the bootleg copies surely made -- Jackson, who's from the Sacramento area, had to give an encore last night.

The occasion was special, too. James was making his last appearance at Sacramento's Sleep Train Arena, the court where he made his NBA debut and which will no longer be used by the Kings starting next season.

What better way to remind LeBron of how old he's gotten than to have a kid who wasn't even born back then and got famous using a platform that wasn't even conceivable then, either, introduce him.

Like I said, it's only right.

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