Laura Trott And Jason Kenny Are The Ultimate Olympic Power Couple

Ten gold Olympic medals between them AND true love? It's gotta be the stuff of dreams.

But this is the reality for Rio 2016 cyclist couple Laura Trott and Jason Kenny, of Great Britain, who are setting Twitter on fire with their mushy romance we're all painfully envious of.

The ultimate power couple has won five of those ten gold medals at Rio -- surging team GB to a new gold high.

They had already won us over with their unmatched team spirit and super cute photos, like this one:


And this sweaty union of love:




I mean, just observe the way Laura looks at her bae during this interview at the Olympics:

But the duo sent our hearts into overdrive when Laura tweeted about how amazing their kids will be:

OK now we're even MORE excited.

People on Twitter are already planning the wedding and mapping out their future family.

I feel sorry for Laura Trott and Jason Kenny's future children... Imagine the intensity of Sunday afternoon family bike rides — Ashton Evans (@AshtonEvans8) August 16, 2016

Your relationship goals don't even compare.