There Were So Many Hot Chicks At Kyrie Irving's Insane Championship Yacht Party

USA Today Sports

Kyrie Irving has been killing it in the month of June.

After months of having people question whether he was a "real" point guard, the Cleveland Cavaliers star got his swag back and put Steph Curry's MVP credibility six feet under with this shot:

After winning Game 7 and helping the Cavs make history, he basically proclaimed himself the king of the world with this "Christ the Redeemer" pose at Cleveland's championship parade.

The next thing you know, he's drinking straight out of a bottle, JR Smith style, without a shirt. (Again, JR Smith style.)

But Kyrie's behavior at the championship parade has nothing on his championship yacht party. That much is clear, even after only a 30-second peak into what said party was like.

None of us were there. But perhaps now is a convenient time to remind everyone that the great Kyrie is from the great Essex County of the great New Jersey, particularly as we try to envision how lit this party was.

Any sensible human who graduated from high school in the Garden State between, say, 2005 and 2013 would be playing Jersey club music at his or her yacht party.

So, you can bet Kyrie at one point looked like this:

God bless this kid.