Kobe Bryant's Wife Has The Best Seats For His Last Season With The Lakers

The hottest ticket in LA is, without a doubt, to a Lakers game to see Kobe Bryant in action before he retires. But, no matter how much money you're willing to spend, there are no better seats than the season tickets held by the Black Mamba's wife.

Vanessa Bryant has been supportive of Kobe throughout his entire career, and now, in her man's 18th and final season wearing purple and gold, Mrs. Bryant and their two daughters have been sure to catch every game at Staples Center.

She's been sharing their entire journey this season on her Instagram, along with behind-the-scenes footage into the Mamba's final farewell. From the looks of it, Kobe should have no problem transitioning into full-time dad mode when it's all over.

Here's why Kobe's last season has been unlike the rest.

Every Lakers home game this season has been a family affair.

...That means Kobe's wife and two daughters are always sitting courtside.

...Which is something that makes his final games even more special.

Vanessa is always close to the action.

She even gets to see her friends doing the same, like Hope Solo.

This is the last time anyone gets to watch Kobe play at the Staples Center.

...And see what a real leader is like mentoring his teammates.

Kobe and Vanessa even have a ritual before every game.

When he sees her, he does this so she knows it's real.

During the Lakers-Celtics rivalry, they probably couldn't have done this.

But, now, they're hitting the town in Boston like it's nothing.

When it's game time, it's back to business as usual.

Only, she can capture amazing moments like this at the game.

She got to record this amazing moment of MVP chants at MSG.

And this moment the next night in Brooklyn.

When it comes to traveling, Kobe doesn't even need to fly with the team anymore; he's allowed to take the PJ with his wife.

...That means road trips have turned into family vacations.

Vanessa was also courtside at Kobe's final All-Star game in Toronto.

And, of course, he saw her again and showed his love.

They even got to party with some other all-time greats.

Win or lose, Kobe will always have Vanessa by his side.

After the game, it's always a good time to get a fancy dinner.

But depending on where they are, they might just hit the Waffle House.

It will be a new chapter for Vanessa without Kobe being a Laker.

But these are the memories they will never forget.