Kobe Bryant Says Russell Westbrook Has 'Mamba Blood'

When you are one of the most recognizable athletes ever and the star of a generation, anything you say or do holds quite a significant weight. Los Angeles Lakers superstar shooting guard Kobe Bryant is a prime example of this.

Aside from his ferocious competitive spirit and lack of care for others' feelings, (the perfect attitude needed in order to achieve the success that Kobe has) his pure athletic ability and extraordinary feats open the floor for him to say what he wants, to whomever he wants, whenever he wants.  Prime example: stating he would smack Serge Ibaka in the mouth. Only Kobe could get away with that.

We saw a different side of Kobe this time, however. One of the league’s top young players, and more importantly, top players period, Russell Westbrook, faced off against Kobe last night in Oklahoma City. The Thunder, as expected, showed the Lakers who is boss and handled them the same way they handle most of the league.

It was Kobe’s praises post-game, however, that caught everyone's attention, or at least mine. Instead of Kobe speaking on behalf of his team and how the Lakers are playing way below their golden standard this season, he tweeted Westbrook with nothing but compliments.

@russwest44 was cookin tonight. He's got mamba blood runnin thru his veins . You gave it to me tonight lil bro. C u down the road! — Kobe Bryant (@kobebryant) March 6, 2013

It’s one thing to beat the best, and it’s another to be hated by the best, but when one of the premier players in the game’s history throws out some love like that, you know it’s well deserved.

Forget Charlie Sheen's “Tiger Blood,” Westbrook has MAMBA BLOOD in his veins. This isn’t self-proclaimed like Dwight Howard’s Superman identity, this was confirmed by the Black Mamba himself. So give yourself a pat on the back Russell, you deserve it.

Alex Kellish | Elite.

Photo Credit: Getty Images