The Internet's Reactions To Kevin Love's High Five Fail Are Hysterical


Despite his team's big win last night, Kevin Love hasn't exactly had the best past 24 hours. In addition to scoring only a minimal two points in the first half, one failed attempt at a high five with LeBron James has turned him into an internet sensation.

If you missed it, here it is in all of its glory.

Since the whole high five debacle of last night, sources have cleared up Love wasn't in fact going in for a high five at all. Chris Yuscavage of Complex explains,

LeBron didn't actually yell at Love for asking him for a high-five. Instead, Love put his hand up to show LeBron what he was trying to do on a play and LeBron barked back at him for not boxing out or for not rotating properly or for not doing one of the other things that routinely happen on a pro basketball court.

But even with that out of the way, we still have to take a minute to really appreciate all of the internet's many hilarious reactions to the mixup. So, without further ado, here are some of the internet's funniest captions for the alleged high five fail.

So... I guess the moral here is if you had a bad day today, just take a second to be happy you're not Kevin Love. Oh and also, people on the internet are really funny.