Keegan-Michael Key Pulled An Epic Prank On Penn State's Football Team (Video)

by Adam Silvers

Before the days of "Key & Peele," "Parks and Recreation" and "MADtv," Keegan-Michael Key walked the halls of Penn State University like any other student.

Recently, though, Key returned to his alma mater to celebrate homecoming, and he did so in the most epic way possible. Key disguised himself as Penn State football's coach James Franklin, with who he shares an uncanny resemblance.

After dressing up as Coach Franklin, Key delivered an epic speech to the team.

Homecoming Grand Marshal Surprises TeamNittany Lion Keegan-Michael Key pulled a "flip-a-roo" on the squad with an out of the park impersonation of Coach Franklin at Thursday's team meeting.You don't want to miss this: Posted by Penn State Football on Friday, October 9, 2015

Key nailed his impersonation of Coach Franklin and, as you probably figured, had the entire team cracking up by the end of his spiel.

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