Girl Who Can't Feel Legs Due To MS Pursues Dreams Of Running Track (Video)

Kayla Montgomery is more than a high school track star.

After being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis four years ago, Montgomery has almost unfathomably defied the odds to become a state champion long distance runner.

Her success, however, does not come without a cost. Because of the disease, Kayla cannot run without experiencing the heat triggered symptoms of MS, which include loss of feeling in her legs.

Because of these symptoms, she is not able to come to a full, concentrated and calculated stop after she finishes a race, leaving her to resort to falling at the finish line, where her coach is there to catch her each time.

Still, she has made her mark as one the top runners in the country. For as good as her résumé is as a competitor, though, her story is even better.

Check out this video for the truly inspiring profile of Kayla Montgomery.

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