Kansas City Royals Have To Use 'Trap Queen' Lyrics Or They'll Get Fined

Stop me if you've heard this jam before.

Remy Boyz, yahhhhh. 1738 I'm like, 'Hey, what's up, hello.'

You know who else clearly listens to Fetty Wap? The first-place Kansas City Royals.

The Royals, who lead the American League Central Division by nine games, reportedly have a system in place where players fine one another for failing to mention "1738" in postgame interviews.

Andy McCullough, a reporter for The Kansas City Star, got wise to what the Royals are doing, but he had no clue what "1738" was in reference to.

KC players are fining each other if they don't use "1738" in postgame interviews. I have no idea what it means. Success has driven them mad. — Andy McCullough (@McCulloughStar) July 29, 2015


He then proceeded to provide a few quotes from players, perhaps in an attempt to get Twitter to uncover his "1738" conundrum.

Moustakas on Hosmer's pick: "Hoz picks that thing 17 out of 38 times." — Andy McCullough (@McCulloughStar) July 29, 2015
Cain on Bauer: "He was like a 17-38 to the plate." Hosmer on his RBIs against Cleveland: "I'll take 17. I'll take 38." — Andy McCullough (@McCulloughStar) July 29, 2015

Then, Royals third baseman Mike Moustakas decided to have a little fun with McCullough.

McCullough: "I am not putting that in newspaper." Moustakas: "Why not?" AM:: "It makes no sense." Moose: "It makes perfect sense." — Andy McCullough (@McCulloughStar) July 29, 2015

Eventually, though, McCullough got with the program.

Oh, it has to do with Trap Queen? Then I am fully on board. — Andy McCullough (@McCulloughStar) July 29, 2015

When you have the best record in the American League, this stuff is cute.

If it were the Philadelphia Phillies on the other hand, well, it's just not Philly's time right now, is it?

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