Johnny Manziel Dancing Alone At Coachella Is The Saddest Thing You'll Ever See

Fresh off allegedly trashing the sh*t out of a Los Angeles Airbnb, it looks like Johnny Manziel spent the weekend at Coachella.

This time, though, Manziel wasn't with a crew of fellow partiers. In fact, there was one particular photo take of Johnny Football, and it makes him look more alone than at any other point in his career.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you what appears to be Johnny Manziel alone in a ball pit at Coachella.

Manziel looks skinnier than any NFL quarterback, yes, but the sadness of this photo extends far beyond quick surface observations. Let's take a closer look at Johnny Manziel's time at Coachella because this pic pretty much sums up his career to this point.

This weekend, it appears Johnny Manziel got his groove on at Coachella...

Raj Chudgar

But, it looks like he couldn't find any friends to come with him.

Raj Chudgar

I mean, it's starting to get to the point where you feel bad for this dude.

Raj Chudgar

Not every day is a Friday, Johnny.

Raj Chudgar

If there was any doubt before, I think it's clear now Johnny Manziel needs professional help.

Raj Chudgar

Can we get #JohnnyManzielneedshelp trending on Twitter or something?

Raj Chudgar

Get your sh*t together, Johnny Manziel.

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