This Stunning Woman Is Completely Redefining The Word 'Fisherman'


What do you get when you combine 365 days of amazing weather, a gorgeous woman and some of the best sport fishing photos on the Internet?

The answer is Jodi Fournerat.

Fournerat is a Lafayette, Louisiana native who is gaining popularity due to her good looks and uncanny ability to catch some of the biggest fish out of the Gulf of Mexico.

Now, a gorgeous woman in a bikini probably isn't the first thing that comes to mind when you think about sport fishing, but Jodi Fournerat is making an excellent case for why it should be.

And while we're breaking down stereotypes, just forget the image you have in your head of what a big buck hunter should look like, too, because according to her Instagram account, Fournerat is just as adept at catching animals on land as she is at sea.

About eight months ago, Fournerat, who showcases a connection with Southern Fin Apparel in her IG bio, started posting pics of her hunting conquests on Instagram and, well, her catches are impressive enough to make any hunter or fisherman envious.

Check out how Fournerat is quickly changing the perception of what it means to be an "outdoorsman."

About eight months ago, Jodi Fournerat starting posting pictures of a hunting expedition in Texas.

Four months ago, she posted a pic of the tiniest fish she caught from a lake.

Her very next fishing pic, though, featured a creature almost as big as she is.

That was only the beginning. Next, she showcased a matching pair of flounder...

And a trout that probably made one delicious dinner.

But while flounder and trout are nice, a yellowfin tuna is in a whole other category.

Now, everyone is getting in the mood to celebrate Mahi Monday...

Not to be outdone, though, by Wahoo Wednesday.

Through her deep sea voyages, Jodi made it abundantly clear #girlsfishtoo.

She's also made it clear tuna is abundant off the Gulf of Mexico.

Apparently, the only thing that rivals Mahi Monday is Mangrove Monday.

Seriously, is there anything cooler than a woman who knows how to handle wahoo?

Or whatever the heck this gigantic beautiful fish is?

Jodi recently competed as a lady angler in a fishing tournament, where she pulled in a kingfish fit for a queen.

Even power and engine loss, in addition to a hole in the boat, couldn't stop Jodi from reeling in this amberjack.

And in case you think some big, burly dude from "Wicked Tuna" is behind the scenes, check out the photographic proof Jodi Fournerat is indeed a badass, independent fisherwoman.