JJ Watt Was Completely Ready To Sub Into The Houston Rockets Game (Video)

There are very few physical skills JJ Watt doesn't possess -- as evidenced by his tackling and pass-catching abilities.

And in case you thought his talent was reserved solely for the football field, well, you probably didn't watch the Houston Rockets game Monday night.

If you did, you would've seen Watt in a number 99 Rockets jersey on the sideline next to James Harden, fully prepared to join the bearded one on the court.

The Houston Texans defensive end ripped off his hat and had the same look of intensity he shows when he's about to rip a quarterback's head off, but lucky for the Oklahoma City Thunder, the Rockets' opponent, Watt didn't end up in the action.

I have no doubt he would've held the Thunder to zero points if he did play.