John Cena Playing Sticky Balls With Jimmy Fallon Is All You Need Today

I've watched the above video several times now, and I need to find a way to build a Sticky Balls court in my office.

I don't care what management says, Sticky Balls is the perfect office game, and John Cena and Jimmy Fallon prove it. Just listen to their laughter as they take the concept of dodgeball, which can get real serious real quick, and turn it into a less intense, safer activity.

The rules are clear: You have 45 seconds to get as many "sticky balls" as possible onto your opponent. At the end, the person with the most balls attached to his or her opponent wins.

As you can see, Sticky Balls is like that game you used to play where you throw the ball and try to catch it on that velcro disc-looking thing -- except in this game, you are the velcro disk-looking thing.

Seriously, all the credit in the world goes to Jimmy Fallon, John Cena and "The Tonight Show" staff.

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