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Jason Pierre-Paul Just Gave A Full Explanation Of The Fireworks Fiasco

You may have thought we were past it, but it appears New York Giant Jason Pierre-Paul feels the need to further clarify what happened last July 4 in a fireworks accident which left his right hand severely damaged.

In the above video, JPP explains,

It was basically, you know, Fourth of July. It was my sister's birthday. Every year, on Independence Day, I do fireworks for the kids. Just nothing but kids and grown-ups just watching the fireworks. I got the U-Haul truck and put all the fireworks all on the grass. Popping them all night. Popping them all night. It came to the end of it... I think I'm about ready to go home. But all the kids are out there just 'ooh-ah.' I was facing this way, I remember, I was facing this way. It was right here, and as soon as I lit it, all I hear is...

Though JPP came back and played an important role for the Giants down the stretch last season, he and the team will be hoping for much more this season.