Jameis Winston Let A 7-Year-Old Shave His Head For The Best Reason


On Wednesday, Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Jameis Winston allowed a 7-year-old boy to shave his head for the best reason you can think of.

Josh, who buzzed the Bucs quarterback, is a cancer survivor, and Winston allowed the youngster to shave his head for the team's fourth annual Cut for a Cure campaign, which helps raise money for and brings attention to pediatric cancer.

More than 24 Buccaneers took a seat in a barber's chair for this fantastic cause, but it's the video above of Jameis Winston and Josh that's understandably making the internet rounds.

Despite some of the negative press and attention Jameis Winston has garnered since his days as quarterback at Florida State University, a piece published this week by The Undefeated, entitled "The Continued Maturation of Jameis Winston," showcases the Jameis who allows a 7-year-old to shave his head for a good cause rather than an immature football player with off-the-field issues.

Speaking on his quarterback, Buccaneers defensive tackle Akeem Spence said,

His work in the community is like no other. He's always giving back, volunteering, supporting good causes and showing up at teammates' camps. He is always willing to give a helping hand, no matter who asks.

Regardless of how you feel about Jameis Winston, I think we can all agree allowing a 7-year-old cancer survivor to shave your head to raise awareness for pediatric cancer is really awesome.

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