Italian Soccer League Will Award Green Cards For Good Sportsmanship

by Adam Silvers

In an attempt to stem the tide of flopping, diving and cheating in soccer in general, Italy's Serie B, the country's second-best soccer division, will, starting this weekend, have its referees award green cards for good behavior and sportsmanship.

In soccer, similar to a traffic light, yellow means slow your roll, red means you completely stop playing for the day and green, it now appears, means keep doing what you're doing.

Hey, it's about time this crap came to an end.

Eurosport reports green cards will be awarded for "acts of virtue," which are completely up to the discretion of the referee.

This addition to the sport will, as Italian soccer officials put it,

Highlight those who help to make the game a game and not a battle by primal instincts.

The green card is definitely a little quirky, but if it even begins to make a dent in eradicating flopping and deceit from the world's beautiful game, then I'm all for it.

Yes, we're talking about you, Sergio.

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