Islanders Fan Says She Conceived Her Son In Parking Lot During Game (Video)

There is one embarrassed-ass son in the Long Island area today.

We all know hockey fans are some of the most ratchet in all of sports, but one Islanders fan shared a little too much information in an interview during last night's game against the Rangers.

Admitting you conceived your son in the parking lot of the Nassau Coliseum back in 1982 is something no one should be proud of. However, this classy mother couldn't disagree more!

Chances are, her son didn't even know about this story and his entire world is currently crashing down around him.

He will likely go into hiding, denounce his allegiance to his once-favorite hockey team and move out West.

Or, maybe he'll carry on tradition and get his babies poppin' in the parking lot, just like his mama (all before the team moves to Brooklyn).

Go Islanders!

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