Indianapolis Bakery Trolls The Pats With Deflategate Cakes And Cookies (Photos)

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Sunday night, the Indianapolis Colts and the New England Patriots will face off for the first time since last January when the legend of Deflategate was born.

It started with a few underinflated footballs and a complaint to the league, but it ended with a ridiculous court sketch of Tom Brady and an overturning of his initial four-game suspension.

And while the whole world is over the long, drawn-out affair, it appears one Indianapolis bakery is not letting go.

Taylor's Bakery is bringing a full arsenal of anti-New England goodies, and they are absolutely amazing.

Don't you want to munch on a Tom Brady courtroom-sketch cookie?

Tom Brady "monster" cookies now available! #ColtsNation — Taylor's Bakery (@TaylorsBakery) October 16, 2015

Brady's destroyed iPhone looks like a delicious treat.

What does #coltsnation think about 'Broken Cell Phone' cookies? #colts #NEvsIND — Taylor's Bakery (@TaylorsBakery) October 16, 2015

And, last but not least, there's a deflated football cake!

#DeflateCakes will be on sale Friday 10/16/15 for $15. #ColtsNation make sure to get one before the big #Colts game! — Taylor's Bakery (@TaylorsBakery) October 15, 2015

Taylor's just can't let it go, and we all win because of that.

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