If This Graphic Is Correct, Timofey Mozgov Scored 93 Points For The Nuggets In A Game

Putting on a clutch performance to lead the Denver Nuggets to a tight 100-99 win over the Golden State Warriors, Timofey Mozgov had one of the best nights of his career.

The Russian product grabbed an incredible total 29 rebounds to go along with three blocks, three assists and a steal on Thursday night. Mozgov also had a hot shooting hand, a little too hot, though, according to one broadcaster.

A graphic shown during Mozgov's post-game interview displayed the center's point total as 93 points off of 10 of 15 shooting, bringing stat displays to new heights. Not only can they inform us of our favorite players' numbers, they notify fans when they perform magic as well!

In reality, Mozgov scored the still impressive but obvious-not-93 total of 23 points. It was a career night for the Russian big man, but no where near what the erroneous picture indicated. Maybe some other time.

via Bleacher Report