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Hockey Player Gets His Throat Sliced During Freak Accident On The Ice (Video)

A professional ice hockey game in Russia turned into a horror scene after a player's throat was slashed by an opponent's skate blade.

Vitali Sitnikov was simply trying to make a play on the puck, but he appeared to inadvertently cause opponent Ladislav Nagy to lose control and ended up slicing him in the throat.

Amazingly, Sitnikov's immediate reaction was to get to the bench as quickly as possible so a teammate could replace him on the ice.

Once he took a seat on the bench, though, blood started flowing out of Sitnikov's neck, and he soon passed out before medics rushed him off the ice.

Sitnikov's team's website reportedly says the player didn't damage an artery and will be fine after receiving stitches.

This video is difficult to watch, but thank goodness Sitnikov is going to be OK.

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