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There's Actually A Healthy Way To Eat Wings On Super Bowl Sunday

As we get you geared up for Super Bowl 50, we're trying to help you mind the lbs, mind the waistline and mind those New Year's resolutions to get healthy.

Our latest and greatest recipe for a delicious, nutritious Super Bowl dish is pigskin wings and blitz sauce.

We are really proud of this pigskin wings recipe because it showcases all of our talents here at Hungry Fan.

Obviously, it showcases our culinary genius — bacon wrapped wings, need we say more?

It also showcases our fine computation skills.

Take this equation for example:


Our production strategy skills are on fleek, if we do say so ourselves.

We took a wings recipe that usually takes about an hour plus to produce, and turned it into 30-minute perfection.

Some might call us nutritionists. (Disclaimer: we are not. But, we won't stop you from saying it.)

This recipe is completely Whole30® approved.

All the ingredients should be grass-fed and organic; the seasoning add most of the flavor, but do not add anything nutritionally irresponsible.

And, a single serving (about four wings) is roughly 24g of protein. You can't argue with that logic.

We also have expertise in peace keeping and relationship management.

If your partner just wants tasty food, but you want to be nutritionally conscious, these pigskin wings are the key to a "healthy" relationship.

With our powers combined (here come our math skills again), we make great recipes.

We know you will want these pigskin wings, since we are also skilled in the art of mind reading.

Pigskin Wings

The Hungry Fan

1 pound bacon 2 pounds organic chicken wingettes (We used whole wings, but feel free to buy just drumsticks, if that's your thing.) 1 tablespoon kosher salt 1 tablespoon black pepper 1 tablespoon cayenne pepper 2 teaspoons garlic salt Toothpicks, soaked in water for 30 minutes

Preheat your oven to 450℉.

Heat a skillet over medium heat. Once the skillet is hot, add in your bacon and cook until each side is fully cooked but not crispy.

You want the consistency of the bacon to be flexible enough to wrap around your wings. Remove from heat (Note: We always save our bacon grease for future recipes. Stay tuned for an awesome Brussels sprouts recipe that will make use of your remaining bacon grease from this recipe!)

Mix the salt, pepper, cayenne pepper and garlic salt together in a plastic bag.

Place half the chicken in the bag and shake well until the chicken is coated in the spice mixture.

Put the coated chicken in a 9 x 13 baking dish, without overlapping any pieces.

Repeat the coating process with the other half of the chicken.

Once all the chicken is fully coated, use your soaked toothpicks to wrap a single piece of bacon around each wing and return to the baking dish. Repeat for all wings.

Bake chicken for 15-20 minutes. (You can test doneness by seeing if the juice from the chicken is clear).

Remove from oven. Let the wings rest for 10 minutes, then coat in blitz sauce (see below).


Blitz Sauce

The Hungry Fan

This sauce was created because we know how hard it is to find Whole30® condiments (given that so many condiments have so much added sugar, or even worse, high fructose corn syrup).

Coated on our pigskin wings (also perfect for french fry or meatball dunking), this sauce is sure to bring blitz-fullness to your life.

6 ounces tomato saste 1/2 cup water 2 tablespoons date paste 2 tablespoons apple cider vinegar 2 tablespoons coconut amino acids (seasoning sauce) 4 tablespoons Hungry Fan® Barbecue Spice Blend 2 garlic cloves, minced 1 teaspoon garlic salt Kosher salt and pepper, to taste

Using a food processor, mix all ingredients together.

Add in up to 2 additional tablespoons as needed if sauce consistency is too thick.

And now, you're good to go!

This post was originally written by Annemarie Wortz for Daina Falk's The Hungry Fan. 

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