10 Key Rules For Healthy Traveling, According To A Nike Master Trainer


It's the beginning of a new year, which means fitness goals are being thrown around with reckless abandon.

But without a concrete -- and realistic -- plan, you're more likely to get overwhelmed and give up than find your fitness sweet spot.

Nike Master Trainer Traci Copeland is all about staying fit, but she knows the mental aspect of fitness is just as important as the physical.

When it comes to a healthy lifestyle, the name of the game is balance, something even Copeland struggles with from time to time.

And with so many Millennials traveling, balancing a healthy lifestyle while trying to see the world is something we can all use some help with.

According to Traci, here's how you can enjoy the journey without completely spiraling out of control.

Always pack something that will remind you to get moving.

Just because you're on vacation doesn't mean you can't get a workout in.

Downloading a workout app can do wonders.

Don't try and plan your vacation around working out, take what travel gives you.

Try and choose workouts based on your travel destination.

Avoid using transportation when possible.

Try and travel with people who are also interested in fitness.

Don't deprive yourself of everything a new destination has to offer.

Traveling is always going to take a toll on your body, don't freak out.

Moderation and balance are the keys to enjoying vacation and staying close to your goals.