25 Stages Of Your New Year's Eve, As Told By The Golden State Warriors (Photos)

by Adam Silvers
Getty Images

The holiday season really is where it's at. And it all culminates with your New Year's Eve celebration.

There's a lot of planning that goes into making sure you and your crew have the most amazing December 31 ever but some how, it always seems to go the same way.

You get hyped, you get drunk and you end up covered in either tears, pizza or both.

Different year, same sh*t.

Still, there's a level of hype surrounding New Year's Eve that's unrivaled by any other celebration on the calendar. And that's pretty dope.

You know what else is dope? The Golden State Warriors. Yah, they're no longer undefeated, but the fact they went 24 games without a loss is pretty ridiculous.

And it's not just their skill, it's the swag with which they carry themselves, on the court and off. They provide us with three pointers and dunks, and they look like they have a damn good time doing it.

So, whether you're soaking your friends apartment in champagne or you're planning on turning up at the most expensive club in the city -- and soaking their walls in champagne -- here's exactly how your New Year's Eve is going to go... according to Steph Curry and the rest of the Warriors crew.

When you wake up feeling fresh and ready to rage.

When you're getting the last-minute haircut and see your friend doing the same.

When it's 7 pm and you really can't wait to start partying.

When you pray for a night in which you meet the love of your life and don't puke.

When you walk into the party a little tipsy and act like you haven't seen your friend in years.

When you take your coat off and know you got the flyest outfit on.

When your friend shouts you out in the first toast of the evening.

When the liquor got you feeling a bit invincible.

When you struck out with the first two crushes, but you know the third time's the charm.

When your friend is actually about to hook up with the hottest one at the party.

When your jam comes on and you have to be alone on the dance floor for a few.

When you see that one person you don't like and you're not afraid to show it.

When you reach the optimal level of drunkenness and feel on top of the world.

When you drunkenly hook up with your one true love in the corner.

When your crew saw it coming from a mile away.

Everyone, everywhere at midnight.

When that one song comes on, and the whole squad assembles in the middle of the dance floor.

When you're spitting game but your friend just can't resist intervening.

When your BFF asks you if you're good, and you're trying to hide how sauced you are.

When you're still at the party physically, but mentally you're so far gone.

When you fall on the floor drunk but keep dancing anyway.

When your crush leaves the party early but turns back around to catch you staring in disbelief.

When the DJ refuses to play any Fetty Wap or Future.

When you and your team about to crush next year even harder than the last.

When you're leaving the party and are too drunk to give individual good-byes.