Girl Made Sure Everyone On Tinder Knew She Banged Julian Edelman

by Julian Sonny

The life of a Super Bowl champion has its ups... definitely no downs.

You get to hoist the Lombardi Trophy, you get to go to Disneyland and, of course, you can bag any girl in America. Just ask Gronk.

But, Patriots receiver Julian Edelman got caught sleeping (literally) when one girl snapped a photo of him after they spent the night together following his Super Bowl win.

Gen-Y groupies have to be the worst. Not only are they beyond thirsty, but they have no problem bragging about it on social media.

As long as there are new apps and ways for them to share this private information, they're going to let the world know!

Just ask Odell Beckham, Jr.

Update: The girl has since been banned from Boston clubs.

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