Girl Who Posted Selfie With Julian Edelman Banned From Boston Clubs

by Connor Toole

As a general rule, refusing to kiss and tell is the best philosophy you can adopt if you want to get kissed (and more) by that person again, but this is hard to do when you're one of those people who lets your ego take priority over a little thing called "common sense."

No one knows this better than Sabrina Dudish, who managed to hook up with Julian Edelman after meeting him at a Boston club, where he was celebrating in the wake of his Super Bowl win.

While most people would maybe tell a few of their friends and temporarily boost their social standing (I think that's how that works), Dudish went a bit further when she decided to post a picture on Tinder, presumably for any potential hookups looking to be Eskimo brothers with a Super Bowl champion.

Unfortunately, Dudish's actions had consequences, and one of those consequences is being denied entry to every club in Boston, which apparently is something that happens in real life and not just movies about the LA night scene.

Club owner Michael Winter posted a Hollywood-worthy rant on Facebook making his displeasure known, telling Dudish she's not welcome in the city any longer.

He wrote,

In many years I haven't BLACK LISTED anyone from the nightclubs. YOU ARE BLACK LISTED “86'd” so stay in Metro West. Putting Edelman on Blast during celebration…. Btw you're a 5 if that and he was blackout. I'm sure I speak of behalf of many Boston Industy ppl to not show your face in this city.

TMZ managed to contact Dudish to get her side of the story, and it looks like she won't make the same mistake if she somehow gets another opportunity to have sex with an athlete in the Boston area.

She said,

I made a mistake. I feel really bad about it... He passed out and I was bored I guess. I was drunk ... and I made a mistake and I feel terrible about it.

In conclusion: She made a mistake and doesn't feel good about it.