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Gilbert Arenas Thinks He Found The Key To Beating The Warriors


Unless you're the Lakers, Rihanna is in the house and Golden State has two nights off in Los Angeles prior to the game, it's practically impossible to beat the Warriors this season.

And yet, Gilbert Arenas thinks he found the key to doing just that. Not only does he think he has the answers, Sway, but he's confident enough to think those answers would work even if he was coaching the eighth seed.

So, what's his magical plan?

It's a Triangle-and-Two Defense... seriously. This gem of his explanation is the funniest:

Here's the Instagram post featuring his special tactics.

The lengthy caption reads,

And if you want the short version: Da anser to beat #GS is simple. DOUBLE TEAM #STEPH AT ALL TIMES... and kill his #confidence.

It's that simple.

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