Gabrielle Union Practicing Dwyane Wade's Basketball Moves Is Adorable

Instagram/Gabrielle Union

There's no way Gabrielle Union was pulling off these moves before she married Dwyane Wade. I think it's pretty safe to say that.

But here she is, posting Instagram videos of her showing off some impressive basketball moves that we're sure have, at least, a little something to do with the fact she's wedded to an NBA superstar.

Gabby clearly knows how to get to the hoop now.

And her jump shot is not bad, either.

Clearly, she's been learning from her man.

After all, we have every reason to believe D-Wade helped get her skills to this point. Why? Because they do everything with each other.


Acting like ninjas...

Making funny faces for no reason...

...and hiding their desire to gossip about someone behind cups of tea.

And if anything, this establishes D-Wade and Gabby are total relationship goals, because they make each other better. He's definitely helped her get a jump shot, and her ball-handling is on point.

Next thing you know, she'll be helping him get ready for a few acting roles after retirement.

You gotta love these two.