Floyd Mayweather Spent $25,000 On Mouthpieces Made Of Real $100 Bills

by Adam Silvers

Money Mayweather has made over $250 million throughout his professional career, so it should come as little surprise he only uses $25,000 custom mouthpieces.

Constructed by New York City-based dentist Dr. Lee Gause, these babies are made with gold flakes, diamonds and $100 bills, and they cost more than I make in six months.

According to TMZ Sports, Dr. Gause frequently flies to Vegas to custom-fit the mouthpieces that allow Mayweather to breathe easier than other mouthguards.

Unnecessary expense?

Mayweather told TMZ Sports,

My career's gone on 19 years and I've been able to preserve my smile.

At least if Floyd gets knocked out by Pacquiao, he'll still look good.

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