The Final Five 'Don't Need Tinder' To Find BFs, Yet You Can't Get A Text Back

Us mere mortals need the help of dating apps from time to time.

Clearly, the Final Five are not mere mortals. Aly Raisman bluntly told PEOPLE,

We don't need Tinder.

Straight like that. Raisman said this, mind you, while discussing the fact that she and her teammates are all open to dating, and it shows.

Raisman is going on a blind date soon with Oakland Raiders tight end Colton Underwood, which was set up by former Team USA gymnast Shawn Johnson.

Laurie Hernandez, meanwhile, says she has an "international friendship" with a Dutch olympian.

But Simon Biles is the true player of the group. Not only did she get all that love from Zac Efron, but she also had Brazilian gymnast Arthur Mariano ready to fight for the right to claim her from Efron.

Biles told PEOPLE,

So I am single, I'm 100 percent single. He's like my international boyfriend... I have one from every country.

There's definitely one rapper who can relate.


With the suitors they have, it's no wonder they had to clear the air. Biles made sure to reiterate, "We're all single."

But unlike most of us single people, they won't be needing any help from Tinder soon, 'cause they've got it like that.

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