There's No 'I' In Team: 5 Things Sports Can Teach You About Love

Being in a relationship is very similar to being on a sports team.

As the sports fanatic I am, I find myself comparing my relationship with my partner to my relationship with my team.

Here are a few things you can learn from your relationship by being on a sports team:

1. It will take a team effort to be at the highest level.

As a sports enthusiast, you know you must have a team behind you in order to be successful.

Doing everything on your own will only get you so far. Eventually, you'll hit a plateau.

It's the same in relationships.

You and your partner have to approach your relationship from a team point of view.

You both must understand it isn’t only up to one person, and you both have to put in the effort for the relationship to be successful.

2. It will give you that "game winner" feeling.

Everyone dreams about making the game-winning point during a basketball match.

Relationships can give you the same euphoria as hitting that winning shot.

This feeling can be produced by constantly working on your relationship and becoming better each day. Everyone knows success and happiness are best when shared.

3. It will give you that "losing the championship game" feeling.

Relationships can get rocky, and sometimes, you can feel like you've completely lost everything.

There are lows to every high, but the highs are what make the lows worth it.

From my experience, opening up and communicating your feelings to each other can help you to find a solution to your problems.

You have to get back up after getting knocked down, and you must improve on the areas you feel need the most work.

4. You will have to learn how to trust each other.

Trusting each and every player is vital to the success of the team. You must have faith in your entire team in order to excel.

The same can be said about relationships. You have to be able to trust each other unconditionally, without having to check to make sure he or she is doing the right thing

If you can’t put trust in each other, you will find it extremely difficult to cultivate a healthy, growing relationship.

Trust is vital.

5. In order to be successful together, you need to be on the same page.

Having the right mindset can set you up for a successful outcome.

On a sports team, each member must have the same attitude in order to achieve goals together.

If one person has a different idea about what the common objective or next play is, it can cause a weakness.

In a relationship, you have to be on the same page as well. You have to know where you're going and what you're focused on at any given time.

Not being clear or on the same page can cause miscommunication and arguments.

Writing down a simple weekly checklist for your partner can help to keep you focused on the same things.