New Text Screenshots Prove NFL Player's GF Lied About Him Abusing Her

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In July, reports surfaced of an alleged domestic violence allegation leveled against Dallas Cowboys rookie running back Ezekiel Elliott.

Elliott's girlfriend, Tiffany Thompson, filed a police report alleging the above referenced a domestic violence charge, claiming Elliott grabbed her wrist and attacked her while she was sitting in the passenger's seat of a parked car.

Now, it appears, Thompson fabricated the story and sent text messages to a friend, Ayrin Mason, asking her to lie about Elliott grabbing her wrist.

The Columbus City Prosecutor's Office will reportedly not be charging Ezekiel Elliott with domestic violence.

Those text conversations between Thompson and Mason were released by the DA's office, along with a slew of other court documents related to the case.

In the texts below, you can clearly see Tiffany Thompson asked her friend to lie to the police about Ezekiel Elliott assaulting her.

In addition the to text conversation between Thompson and Mason, the DA's office also published Ayrin Mason's sworn affidavit, which confirms Thompson told her to lie to police about Elliott and she didn't see Elliott commit any act of domestic violence against Thompson.


This is some way to kick off the week leading up to your first NFL game, huh?

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