Explosive Allegations Claim Dwight Howard Has Been Flying Out And Seeing A 16-Year-Old Girl

DISCLAIMER: These reports have not been verified, and are merely explosive rumors circulating the Internet.

On a note that game one of the Finals was set to be the talk of NBA's town, a story involving NBA star Dwight Howard has emerged and is sure to make all who are paying attention cringe.

A young girl named Debbie, who is apparently still in high school, sent out tweets earlier today that were meant to "f*ck Dwight Howard's life up."

The girl, who appears to have had some type of relationship with Howard, says that the Rockets center flew her and two friends out to meet him, and she released two photos from the alleged meeting.

Earlier tweets from the girl also suggest that she might be underage, with a message mentioning "graduation" being sent out some time ago. Along with pictures of what appears to be Dwight Howard in a hotel room, the girl also released a screenshot of a cryptic text message exchange.

No word has been heard from Dwight Howard or any of his representatives, while much of the information released by the girl is inconclusive. The photos of Howard with the young girls does appear, however, to be potentially damning.

Dwight Howard reportedly flew out this 16 yr old Colin Kaepernick lookalike multiple times and had relations w/her — NBA RETWEET (@RTNBA) June 5, 2014

H/T: Black Sports Online, Photos Courtesy: Twitter