ESPN's Bomani Jones Wore A 'Caucasians' Shirt On TV And Twitter Lit Up

Bomani Jones had not been back at ESPN's headquarters in four years, but he made sure his homecoming was noteworthy.

Jones, who usually works from the network's studios in Miami, traveled to Bristol this week, where he was filling in as a guest host on the popular morning radio show "Mike & Mike."

The radio show is also simulcast on TV, so you could imagine the reaction when viewers noticed a little novelty about Jones' attire.

ESPN's @bomani_jones wore this "controversial" shirt this morning on @MikeAndMikethoughts? — The Shadow League (@ShadowLeagueTSL) April 7, 2016

The shirt Jones wore is an obvious parody of the jersey worn by baseball's Cleveland Indians.

David Richard & Joe Camporeale/USA Today Sports

In an article for Sporting News published on Monday, Cory Collins referred to the mascot as "Major League Baseball's most disgusting burlesque masquerading as a Native American man."

Clearly, the logo is controversial, so you know Jones' parody got people talking.

The overwhelming majority of people seem to love it...

...and they want that shirt ASAP.

After all, most in favor of it think it perfectly proved a point.

They are a few, though, who are not too happy.

And then, there are others who think it's not even worth talking about.