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Eric Hosmer Was Bigger Than Justin Bieber At His Own Concert

You know you're at a Justin Bieber concert in Kansas City when World Series champion and KC Royals cult hero Eric Hosmer is more of a celebrity than Bieber himself.

Wednesday night, the Biebs performed in Kansas City, but by the looks of it, the Royals' Eric Hosmer stole the show.

Women were freaking the f*ck out when they realized Hosmer was in attendance.

I also met Eric Hosmer tonight — Elizabeth (@lizkhaIifa) April 7, 2016

Like, is this a Justin Bieber concert or a second World Series parade just for Hosmer?

Seriously, even Bieber must've been like, "All right, guys, it's my show, not Eric's."

As crazy as Kansas City is for the Royals and Eric Hosmer, you wouldn't think the predominantly female crowd at a Justin Bieber concert would be more enamored with a baseball player than the Biebs.

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