Epic Video Shows Soccer Fan Escaping Security

You can do anything you want if you put your mind to it, boys and girls, even if it means dodging security in a soccer stadium after invading the field.

If you don't believe me, just ask this guy, whose Indiana Jones-like escape during a soccer match in Russia started going viral on Sunday.

The video starts during what a appears to some pre-game theatrics — you know, stadium announcer going crazy, crowd chanting, but just in another language.

A vigilante fan is seen hopping over a barrier while being tailed by a steward, so the chase is officially on. After he gets past one obstacle, he has to find a way to get past a larger wall.


At this point, he's almost home, but there's a huge gap between him and the safety of the crowd. Jumping looks like it's his only option, but it also looks like that'll only lead to a faceplant.

It looks for a second like he's out of options, but that's where his scarf comes in. The fan yanks it off his neck and throws it in the direction of the crowd a couple of times while holding on to one end.

After a few attempts, another fan catches the other end of the scarf and helps pulls our protagonist to safety.


The original video of this great escape comes from a game from last fall, for Russian Premier League team Lokomotiv Moscow. But the clip started doing the round again on Sunday, getting thousands of likes and retweets after it was posted by a Nigerian blogger.

And it's clear why the video is so impressive, too. Unless you've never seen a fan invade a sporting event in your life, you'll know that most of them end with the invader getting annihilated like this:

Startsch on YouTube

Yeah, security always wins — except this time. This one was a true victory for the people.