Meet The Stunning Woman Whose Mission Is To Make Golf Cool (Photos)

Elise Lobb isn't what you would consider your average golfer.

For starters, she doesn't wear high socks and sweater vests or puff cigars on the 9th green -- Shoutout to John Daly. But the biggest difference is she doesn't really want to be a "golfer" at all.

Lobb, who currently attends the University of North Florida, is a former beauty queen who can more than hold her own on the fairway, but would rather be the one reporting and conducting the interviews than holding the trophy on Sunday.

This summer, the 20-year-old spoke with Golf Babes, saying,

I am currently considering going back to play collegiate golf because I have realized golf is a part of who I am. If everything works out I would love to finish my college career playing golf and eventually working for the Golf Channel.

Given her knowledge and passion for the sport, along with her gorgeous looks, Lobb probably has as good a shot as any at making her broadcasting dreams come true.

Here's how the former beauty queen is slowly turning the sport of golf on its head.

Elise Lobb began golfing at just 3 years old and made her high school varsity team when she was in the sixth grade.

In addition to golfing, Elise was also putting in work on the Florida beauty queen scene.

There were offers to play golf at the collegiate level, but Elise wasn't certain of a career path in competitive golf.

She found continued success in pageantry, though, winning titles like Miss Dayton Beach USA 2015.

Still unsure of what to do, Elise became a minor celebrity with the creation of a YouTube channel focused on beauty, fashion and life.

Still, golf was always present in her life, even if it wasn't the focal point.

And while she knew she loved playing the game, Elise realized she could better serve the sport off the green.

Now, it's becoming her mission to make golf cool for a Millennial audience...

...and she wants to work with an outlet like Golf Channel in order to get enough exposure to make a difference.

Considering Elise has friends like Rickie Fowler, she's probably the perfect woman to take golf into a new era of popularity.

Elise Lobb most definitely has the looks to be in the public eye...

...but she also has a lot of skill and passion for the game of golf.

In terms of popularity, this young woman can do more for the sport than Jordan Speith and Rory McIlroy combined.

If Elise Lobb is the beginning of a new trend in golf, we'll certainly start tuning in.

We can only hope this is the direction the sport is heading in the years to come.

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