Drake Almost Hit A Pacers Player In The Face While Taunting Him At A Game

Last night, the Toronto Raptors narrowly defeated the Indiana Pacers, 102-99, to take a huge 3-2 lead in their opening round NBA playoff series.

The game was played in Toronto, which meant Toronto Raptors superfan Drake was sitting front row center for the big game, being his normal obnoxious self.

At about the halfway point in the fourth quarter, with his team up five, the Pacers' Rodney Stuckey committed a costly turnover right in front of Drake. As you can see in the video above, Drake thoroughly enjoyed Stuckey's error and proceeded to vigorously clap in the Indiana player's face.

It's one thing to be a passionate fan, but Drizzy appears to come dangerously close to making contact with Stuckey. Courtside shenanigans aside, it looks like Drake's view was well worth the price of admission.

Good on Rodney Stuckey for keeping his cool.

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