These Are The Gorgeous Basketball Twins Drake Is Thirsting For (Photos)

Dylan and Dakota Gonzalez are twin sisters who excel at the game of basketball. Currently, they're juniors at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

Standout talents on the court, the Gonzalez twins are also absolutely gorgeous, which may be a reason why they've garnered the attention of none other than drizzy Drake.

If you're searching for proof the six-foot guards are on Drake's radar, look no further than this video which was taken before the UNLV Lady Rebels' game this past weekend.

Here's your video evidence of @Drake at the @UNLVLadyRebels game #unlvwbb @Dollbaby_duo — The Rebel Report (@RebelReportUNLV) November 15, 2015

Honestly, though, can you blame him? Twins, Basil! Twins!

Here's a closer look at the basketball standouts and current crushes of Drake.

Dylan and Dakota Gonzales are 21-year-old juniors at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

The twins transferred to UNLV after their freshman seasons at the University of Kanas.

Dylan and Dakota are both six-footers, which helps them crush it on the basketball court.

They're also absolutely gorgeous, which undoubtedly helps them crush life.

The twins were born in Pocatello, Idaho, and their mom used to be a basketball player, too.

A business major, Dylan was a 2013 McDonald's All-American nominee, ranked the 85th-best player in the country by Blue Star Basketball.

Dakota is majoring in communications and earned a WBCA High School All-American Honorable Mention in 2013.

According to the UNLV team site, Dakota "pulls up the intensity of her teammates every time she's on the court."

Dylan "shows a love for the sport and is always working on her shooting."

Dylan reportedly dated NBA star Anthony Davis, beginning in the summer of 2013.

Now the two have apparently caught the eye of another big-time player: Drake.

With their combination of silky skills and stunning looks, it's not all that hard to see why.

For a couple of college kids, Dylan and Dakota have definitely got it going on.

And the rest of us have definitely been put on notice.

Here's to watching these two light it up on the court all season long.

Drake right now:

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