Drake Awkwardly Dedicates Song To The 'Side Pieces' Of Every Athlete (Video)

Drake seriously killed the ESPYs last night. From the opening intro to his battle with Blake Griffin, and even his time as Manny Pacquiao singing the theme song to "Frozen," he murdered the stage. If you disagree, you're just a hater.

However, the biggest highlight of the night came about midway through the evening when he decided to give the audience an incredible performance alongside Brian McKnight, in which they dedicated it to all of the side pieces out there.

"Side Pieces" is something that every athlete in the room was able to relate with, but considering most of them came with their main chicks, you could just feel the awkward tension in the air.

Drake and Brian McKnight delivered a performance so heartfelt and masterful that side pieces everywhere are finally finding comfort in their own lives. Shout out to them!