Hilarious Video Proves Donald Trump Sucks At Beach Volleyball

What do you get when you combine Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, a pair of dad jeans, an ill-fitting hat and a beach volleyball court?

Well, you get what I would consider one of the greatest videos in the history of moving images. Below is a Vine of Donald Trump attempting to play beach volleyball.

Just watch and enjoy.

Spoiler: He sucks.

Now, if this video doesn't scream 1980s, I don't know what does. But that's far from the most important piece of analysis here.

First off, could Donald Trump's jeans get any higher? Serious question; I actually want to know.

And what was the point of even putting that hat on in the first place? It didn't stand a chance in hell staying on Trump's head.

I love that little two-handed shot Trump pulls as he falls to his knees, no doubt as a result of his previous shitty shot that barely made it over the net.

Also, fuck that fist pump at the end. You just know that's Trump taking credit for one of his teammates bailing him out. This dude sucks at everything.

I don't know about you, but I don't want someone who can barely hit a volleyball given access to nuclear codes. That's just me.

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