DeSean Jackson Has The Hottest Girlfriend Ever... And She Cooks Him Breakfast

by Julian Sonny

DeSean Jackson is doing it right. He has all of the skill in the world, the $47 million contract and of course the bad girlfriend. Meet Chantel Jeffries. In addition to being just a ripe 20-years-old, she is also one of the hottest models on Instagram to follow.

And while the pair have posted pictures together on the social network in the past, there has never been anything like this. I guess this is just a typical day in an offseason for DeSean. Wake up to this chick and have her cook you breakfast while you grind up on her. Now that's next level.

While there isn't really much of a story here, besides the fact that he's a lucky bastard, we would just like to take this time to reflect on how hot his girl is. Damn! Being bad can really get you far in life and she is a prime example.

But don't fret, she does have other talents. We see she can cook and it has even been revealed that she at least knows how to dribble a basketball. Can you say dream girl?


Okay, so it's not that impressive. But she does have the crazy lips, bust and don't forget that crazy cake. It's safe to say that after a couple more months with DeSean, and then a few more with other pro athletes, she will be beyond expired.

Until then, let's just appreciate this blossoming flower for what it is. One of the baddest chicks in the NFL. Follow her Instagram @chanteljeffries. You won't be disappointed. Hell, you might even have to rub one out.

This just goes to show you kids, be a pro ball player. It will take you places and get you girls like this. If not you're assed out. Take a gander below.

Photo Credit: Getty Images