Derek Jeter Reportedly Married To Model Hannah Davis

Derek Jeter married Hannah Davis in the most Derek Jeter way: as privately as possible.

According to, the notoriously coy Jeter and model Davis tied the knot on Saturday night during an "intimate" ceremony in Napa Valley. The news of Jeter and Davis' wedding came as sneakily as word of their engagement did.

Unlike, for instance, Russell Wilson and Ciara -- who also tied the knot this week, but were much more public about both their engagement and wedding ceremony -- Jeter only confirmed reports that he had proposed to Davis by nonchalantly referring to her as his "fiancee" in a post about his new dog on the Players Tribune.

Jeter's marriage ends an impressive tour de force of celebrity dating, which was so notable that ESPN once made a starting lineup of all the famous women he'd hooked up with.

But now the 42-year-old looks like he's hanging his jersey up, right next to his Yankee pinstripes. In the process, he's likely broken the hearts of all the women who were encouraged by his seemingly never-ending bachelor status into thinking they'd one day have a chance.

the loml derek jeter got married today... peace out world gtg — Mic (@micaelarosee_) July 10, 2016
Derek Jeter is married — cassidy anne street (@cassidyanne22) July 10, 2016

Our condolences if you relate.

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