DeMarco Murray Doesn't Want The Spotlight, He Wants Championships

DeMarco Murray has one-upped the legends.

In October, he became the first player in the NFL to start a season with eight consecutive games of 100 yards rushing or more, breaking Jim Brown's record of seven.

By the end of December, he broke Emmitt Smith's single-season rushing record for the Cowboys franchise.

When it came to the overall rushing title for the 2014-2015 NFL season, no other running back could touch Murray.

He finished with 1,845 yards, almost 500 more than the next best running back.

After a spectacular season, DeMarco Murray, by all means, deserves the spotlight in Dallas -- if you ask anybody but the man himself, that is.

When asked what were the key factors in a season that saw him post all-world numbers, the Pro Bowl selection attributed his success to Scott Linehan's promotion to offensive coordinator.

He told Elite Daily,

You know, obviously with the addition of Scott Linehan, I think he brought a lot to the table. He was able to make guys play better and he put guys in different positions to make different plays and I think a lot of guys stepped up, so Dez would score a lot of times and Witten took a lot of those 7th and 8th guys out of the box to let me try to have some success.

When pushed further on what changed for him, from a personal standpoint, he pointed to the team. He said,

Just being in the system another year obviously helped and just continuing to work hard and just understanding the game better.

Talk to DeMarco Murray about anything football-related, and you'll notice a trend. Everything comes back to the team.

Reference an opponent, and he'll probably think of how Dallas could match them. Ask what he thought about the Super Bowl, and he'll probably tell you what the Cowboys need to do to get there.

And who could fault him? After all, his goals align with every other player he competes alongside. The Cowboys want to reclaim the glories of the past and win a Super Bowl. Their main goal is the only one that matters, because it's his, too.

When asked if there were any personal targets or milestones he'd be looking to hit in the future, Murray, true to the trend, pointed back to the squad, saying,

Not individually, I never try to do anything individually. I think individual goals will come, just trying to win as many games as a I can and obvisouly the main goal and focus of every game and every year is to make it to the playoff and compete for a Super Bowl.

The big elephant in the room, though, is the fact Murray may not have "the team" next season.

The former Oklahoma standout is a free agent this season, and there's a very real possibility the Cowboys could decide to part ways with him.

But, while other stars' contract situations seem more filled with drama, Murray's seems more straightforward.

Nothing else matters. Wherever he goes, he wants to win. And if he keeps running the way he does, especially if he stays with Dallas, you wouldn't bet against him.

I don't think any off-the-field issues or off-the-field positives or negatives really weigh into the decision. Obviously [Dallas] is a great city and I've been here for four years. I'm familiar with the city, the team, etc. So I think at the end of the day, you've just gotta hone in on what's important.

Family, but not only his, is also what's important to Murray.

Recently, the four-year pro partnered with Hublot, the official timekeeper of the Dallas Cowboys, to make a special gesture toward the Livermore family of nearby Frisco, Texas.

The Livermore's house burned down in December and some signed memorabilia given to them by Murray perished inside the home.

In an effort to liven spirits, the family members were invited to Hublot's Glitz and Glam event at Boardwalk Ferrari in Plano, Texas.

There, the Livermore kids were presented with signed jerseys from the star running back. Murray says he hopes, if even for a moment, it brightened the family's situation. He continued,

To get them here and to get their minds off of it for one night, it's a huge blessing. Hublot is obviously all about great watches, but they're more family oriented and just trying to touch people's lives. So that's something that I can agree with and definitely admire.

Hublot, the luxury watch designer that has partnered with numerous top athletes, also hosted Cowboys legend Darren Woodson on a night when it furthered its relationship with America's team.

It's a relationship Murray is a big believer in. He said,

You put together those two great teams and only positive things can come out of that.