'Delly' Memes Took Over The Internet Last Night And They Were Hilarious

In Game 2 of the NBA Finals, Matthew Dellavedova proved he could adequately fill in for the injured Kyrie Irving.

In Game 3, Dellavedova became a legend.

Over the course of the game, NBA fans took to the Internet to show their appreciation for the Aussie, who transitioned from a role playing bench player to one of the most crucial pieces to Cleveland's success.

Here are some of the best reactions from around the web:

Dellavedova dropping knowledge to Cavs fans as the "Delly Lama."

In Game 3, Dellavedova played like Michael J. Fox at the end of "Teen Wolf."

Dellevadova's performance last night could only be described as "Illmatic."

The hottest spot to eat in Cleveland right now.

Shutting down MVPs and wrestling gators, just another day in the life for the fearless Aussie.

Steph Curry = Riley Curry, Dellavedova = Steph Curry's Dad!

But, that defense though...

The city of Cleveland is officially changing its name to "Dellyville."

And Jay Z decided to go back and rename an album of his.

He could make a career out of this!

"Mad Matt: Fury Road"

Dellevadova is the real MVP; they might name the trophy after him.

Cleveland built a statue for their new hero after last night's game.

Even Nike decided to pay tribute.

Dellevadova is proving the Cavs' championship hopes didn't die with the Irving injury.

Dellavedova is acting as Cleveland's savior right now.

This one speaks for itself, we all know what time it is.

Also, shoutout to this guy on who somehow predicted Delledova would have a monster NBA Finals before they even started.

Dellavedova with the Finals MVP. Mark. My. Words. #SCFinalsVote @SportsCenter — Marra (@marranara) June 4, 2015