Darrelle Revis Takes The Money And Runs Home To The Jets

For the third time in three seasons, Revis Island is relocating. This time, the cornerback will head to familiar territory, as he's signed, once again, with the New York Jets.

Darrelle Revis, who many believe has reestablished himself as the best at his position, has agreed to a five-year, $70 million deal with $39 million in guaranteed money.

The $39 million guarantee puts Revis just behind Patrick Peterson all-time in terms of the most guaranteed money at the position.

While specifics of Darrelle Revis' deal are uncertain, this much is not: it will make him the highest-paid CB in NFL history. — Adam Schefter (@AdamSchefter) March 11, 2015

The question of whether Revis would return to the Jets or stay with the defending champion New England Patriots was one of the top storylines of the off season.

Other teams were certainly interested, but it always seemed clear it would come down to these two.

Technically, the Patriots had the ability to keep Revis for 2015 with a $25 million option they could have exercised.

That price is widely seen as too high for a non-quarterback, especially for a competitive team that doesn't have major cap space available.

It was always the impression that the option of Revis was never intended to be used, even when it was negotiated into the contract that was signed last offseason.

The option was seen as a placeholder that would give Revis and the Patriots a chance to negotiate a longer-term deal.

The Patriots are a stubborn and prudent organization. They decide the value of a player and will not exceed that price. Right or wrong, it often seems the Patriots expect their players to take less to stay in New England.

It was a surprise that the Patriots stepped up just days ago to resign safety Devin McCourty, but even he admits he took less.

It's hard to blame the Patriots for taking this stance when even Tom Brady is leaving money on the table to help the team compete for more championships.

But, the problem for most players is they don't have a supermodel wife who is also bringing home millions.

With that being the Patriots philosophy, the showdown over the services of Revis with the Jets seemed to come down to legacy versus money.

In deciding to go to the four-win Jets, Revis should have just quoted Randy Moss and said,“Straight cash, homie.”

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It's unclear at this time how much less the Patriots offered Revis, but it would be a shock if it was significantly less than the $39 million from the Jets.

On top of the money, it seems Revis always wanted to be a Jet. He never wanted to be traded to Tampa Bay, and he reportedly wanted to go back last year when he was released, but the Jets nixed the idea.

Revis tweeted that he is coming home, but this move is clearly about business. No player in recent memory or maybe ever has played the system better.

The NFL is the most popular and brutal sport, but its players, on average, make less than in the NBA or MLB.

Knowing this, Revis makes sure to capitalize on his opportunities every chance he gets. While in New York, Revis held out multiple times, seeking a new deal, and it always worked.

Then, after tearing his ACL and spending one season in Tampa Bay, he found himself on the free agent market for the first time.


After the Jets decided against a reunion, Revis, once again, showed his prowess as a businessman. He signed virtually a one-year deal with the Patriots.

Other teams offered more than the Patriots, but Revis knew he was going to a place that would maximize his value.

The plan worked perfectly as Revis shined on the major stage playing for the Patriots provides. He proved he's a shutdown corner, yet again, and he even got himself a ring out of it.

Surely, Revis would've stayed in New England if they would've opened up the vault, but he probably knew that wouldn't happen.

Revis, being the businessman he is, is easily a winner here. By the end of this contract, he could end up with career earnings of $155 million, which is unheard of in the NFL.

Revis the football player, though, probably won't be as lucky.

The Jets have made some great moves this offseason to bolster their roster, but their quarterback is still Geno Smith, or reportedly, it could be Ryan Fitzpatrick, which might, sadly, be an improvement.

While losing Revis and maybe his secondary mate, Brandon Browner, hurts, they are still the Patriots. They love when they are questioned; just look at how they responded when they were buried after week four last season.

Patriot fans would've loved to keep Revis, but as always, they live by the motto, "In Bill We Trust."