D'Angelo Russell Memes Are Giving Kyrie Irving Jokes A Run For Their Money

If you haven't heard, D'Angelo Russell is the topic of some news today.

The Los Angeles Lakers rookie was shunned by teammates, according to ESPN, after a video he recorded of Nick Young months ago surfaced on the Internet.

In that video, Young, who is engaged to recording artist Iggy Azalea, discussed other women. We have the full story on that here.

But, the actual facts, as ever, are now secondary to the conversation transpiring on social media.

D'Angelo Russell is a hot trending topic on Twitter right now, and if there's anything we all learned this week, it's when an NBA player is trending because of a topic related to dating, the jokes fly.

This case is no different, and now, the Russell jokes are giving the Kyrie Irving memes a serious run for their money.

Lakers players are NOT happy with D'Angelo.

So, you know this will have consequences on the court.

Now, everyone is looking at Russell as the rat.

Did you know "Empire" comes back on tonight?

Russell probably didn't imagine things going down this way.

You already knew people were going to make comparisons.

This is gonna go on for a while, isn't it?

But, nothing is worse than this reaction.