Kyrie Irving Just Got Cheated On In The Most Embarrassing Way Possible

Riddle me this: If Kehlani cheated on Kyrie Irving with PartyNextDoor in a forest, did it still happen?

It doesn't matter, everyone saw it anyway.

Twitter erupted on Monday afternoon after PartyNextDoor, who is signed to Drake's OVO Sound record label and happens to be Kehlani's ex, posted a pictured on Instagram with Irving's girlfriend in his bed.


PND, as he's commonly referred to as, wasn't low key about it, either.

The artist has yet to delete the picture from his Instagram at the time of writing, meaning anyone with Internet access can see it.

Basically, Kyrie Irving just got cheated on in front of literally everyone. OUCH.

What makes the picture worse is Kehlani and Kyrie were so public with how much they love each other, it's impossible to ignore the irony.

Just last month, Kehlani posted this Instagram post celebrating the "first Valentine's Day of many" with her NBA boyfriend.

Throw in this gem of a picture featuring PND wearing Kyrie's jersey...

And the fact that PND just came out with a song called "Come and See Me" (to which Kehlani seemingly obliged)...

...and you have one of the most vicious instances of public infidelity imaginable. And if you thought Twitter would show mercy at a time like this, you don't know the Internet.

Twitter has given Kyrie a new names: "Shenanigans."

Someone please make sure he wasn't serious here.

Update March 29:

In an Instagram photo posted early Tuesday morning, Kehlani said that she did not cheat and that she'd broken up with Kyrie Irving prior to engaging in her latest relationship with PND. The caption read:


She has since removed all of her photos from her Instagram page.