This Arizona Dad Was Giving His Twin Boys A Bath When The NHL Called

by Adam Silvers
Getty Images

Last night, somewhere between crunching bank numbers and giving his twin 5-week-old baby boys a bath, Nathan Schoenfeld was told to pack a bag.

The phone call was all it took for Schoenfeld, a 31-year-old banker and father, to get his gear together and get ready to play goalie for the NHL's Arizona Coyotes.

Schoenfeld may be a banker by day, but he's also the Coyotes' emergency goalie. So, when the team's backup goalie, Anders Lindbäck, went down injured, it was this Arizona dad's time to shine.

Ultimately, Schoenfeld didn't get to play, but he had to be on the bench just in case the Coyotes needed him. And even though he didn't play in Arizona's 6-2 win over the Montreal Canadiens, Schoenfeld did receive the team's player-of-the-game, WWE-style championship belt.

Following the game, the 31-year-old told The Arizona Republic,

I don't know if I have the words quite yet. It will probably take a bit to soak in. Just go home and sit with my family and just enjoy the night.

Here he is speaking to reporters following his wild Monday night.

For Nathan Schoenfeld, this was a night he'll never forget.

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